Can Potholes Damage My Car?

Can Potholes Damage My Car?

March 17, 2019

Anyone who lives somewhere that experiences cold, wet winters is familiar with the inconveniences caused by potholes. The result of water that seeps into the ground below an asphalt surface and then expands and contracts, potholes have been responsible for damaging an untold number of vehicles. They can crack wheel rims, pop tires or break suspension systems. If you’re driving in an area with potholes, you need to proceed with extreme caution—they could cause serious, substantive damage to your vehicle.

If you have an asphalt surface at your home or on your commercial property, you should invest in pothole repair in Nashville, TN as soon as possible. When left unfixed, potholes could easily damage your vehicle or the vehicles of any guests who may come by to visit you.

In addition to potholes, there are many other road conditions that may damage your vehicle. It’s important to work with a qualified asphalt paving professional to ensure that you’re taking all the steps necessary to prevent damage to your vehicle. Here are some common road conditions that can damage your car, and how to watch out for them:

  • Potholes: No matter how hard you try, it’s inevitable that you’ll hit a pothole at some point in your driving career. Depending on the severity of the pothole and the speed at which you were driving, the pothole may cause serious damage to your vehicle. After hitting a pothole, inspect your vehicle for wheel damage or suspension issues.
  • Asphalt cracks: Cracks, much like potholes, can cause damage to your vehicle if you hit them too rapidly. Larger cracks could cause damage to your car’s suspension system, or permanently affect its chassis. Asphalt cracks necessitate should be addressed with pothole repair in Nashville, TN as soon as possible.
  • Road salt: It’s a well-known fact that road salt causes serious problems for car owners. If you regularly drive in an area with salted roads, you should regularly wash your car at a place the specializes in undercarriage cleaning. Additionally, you can mix a baking soda solution to help mitigate the effects of the salt.
  • Ongoing construction: Ongoing road construction can pose a serious hazard for drivers. You may encounter areas of unpaved roadway that cause your car to bounce up and down, or you may have to drive over areas of rough gravel that can wreak havoc on your tires and suspension.
  • Other conditions: There are a number of other asphalt conditions, including warpage, that may result in adverse driving conditions. Be sure to consult with an asphalt expert if you’re concerned about the quality of the asphalt on your property.

Priority Paving is a trusted provider of pothole repair in Nashville, TN. You can count on our friendly representatives to provide you with high-quality asphalt services throughout the greater Nashville region. We work with homeowners, churches, schools and businesses of all sizes. Reach out to one of our representatives today if you’re concerned about the condition of your roadway, parking lot or driveway. We’d be happy to assist you with repairs, preventative maintenance and so much more.

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