How Asphalt Has Changed Over the Years

How Asphalt Has Changed Over the Years

September 28, 2022

History of Asphalt

Asphalt is a material with a long and interesting history. First, it was used in Babylon in 625 B.C. as road-building material. The ancient Greeks were familiar with asphalt, and even the word “asphalt” itself comes from the Greek “asphaltos,” which can be translated as “secure.” 

In the United States, the first true asphalt pavement appeared in Newark, New Jersey. It was laid by Belgian chemist Edmund L. DeSmedt in 1870. He also paved one of the streets in Washington D.C. A year later, in 1871, the first central hot mix production was opened by the Cummer Company. 

In 1907, automobiles started growing in popularity, which required making better roads and producing better and more quality asphalt. 

Today, asphalt is a very popular and the most recycled material in the country — more than glass, aluminum cans, or even newspaper. 

Do You Need To Replace Your Asphalt?

Certain signs indicate that it is time to replace your old asphalt. These signs are the following: 

  • Alligator cracks. If you notice this cracking pattern in your asphalt that resembles alligator skin, then you should definitely consider asphalt replacement. This pattern indicates that the foundation of your paving is deteriorating, and this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible. 
  • Potholes. Small potholes can be easily repaired. However, if there are many of them and the entire surface is riddled with potholes, it is time to consider asphalt replacement. 
  • Drainage issues. If many pools of water are left on asphalt after rain, you may want to consider asphalt replacement. The problem is that water can seep beneath the asphalt surface and cause further and more serious damage. 
  • Stains. Often, parking lots and driveways get covered with stains from oils and other substances. First, these stains do not look attractive, and second, they can cause long-term structural issues with your asphalt. For this reason, you may consider getting a new driveway pavement or surface.

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