August 10, 2021

August 2, 2021

"Rocky and crew did a very good job on our driveway ,my husband put it on Facebook and a couple of friends want to get an estimate and our neighbor came over to get your info so they can get an estimate too !! Good job !"
July 22, 2021

Well worth calling

"Finally got my driveway. I live in Stewart County and had called several local companies. All of them were to busy to be bothered with a smaller project or just didn't show up. I had been trying since March (it is now the end of July) to get my driveway paved. Priority Paving had no issue coming out and gave me a fair price. I did have one company tell me that materials alone would cost more than what Priority Paving quoted me. The best thing about the company though, is their crew. Buck and Rocky may own the company, but the crew makes the company what it is. They are hard working professionals and obviously know what each one is doing and supposed to be doing."
June 28, 2021

"Driveway done very professional job."
May 24, 2021

"Rocky and his team were fantastic! We’ve been needing to repave our driveway for some time and I’m incredibly pleased with the end result. Priority was prompt with their communications, listening to our needs, and delivering a fantastic end result. Very happy with our new driveway!"
Priority Paving